Who Made This and What is Their Quality of Life? (Continued)


Human trafficking can show up in the fashion industry in many ways whether people are forced to work, lured by misrepresentations or even coerced by threats.  I don’t want any part of that and I suspect neither do you! 

Slave labor can come in many forms from children lured to factories with promises of education, to small children being forced to pick cotton because of their small hands.  It’s women being offered a better life and then being forced to sew garments long days for little to no pay.  It's people threatened with deportation or harm to their families to make them stay. 

People aren’t choosing this life - they are being lied to and looking for better lives for themselves and their families and then once they are there they can’t break free.  Many of us can’t imagine this and may think it is easy to just leave but it just doesn’t work like that.  When we buy from these companies, we are supporting their exploitative practices.  

Many corporations build factories in developing countries to keep their costs low.  The people in these countries may be willing to work for very low wages and even send their children to work so that they can have food to eat.  But, they deserve more and quite honestly so do you. You are often getting a cheaply made, poorly sewn garment and at what cost? 

If we can’t determine where something is made, maybe it is time to start asking questions.  If you are getting an unbelievable price - ask yourself if the item could have been ethically made at that price.  By not shopping with companies that do use slave labor, we can encourage them to change their ways.  


Gingers Threads Collections - Who made this?


At Ginger Threads Collections, we are committed to sustainable fashion.  What that means to us is that the clothing and accessories that we sell are made ethically, paying a fair wage to employees, and using eco-friendly practices and fabrics. 

We know that our prices are higher than “fast fashion” but our clothes are going to last longer, they are going to feel and look better and most importantly, they are going to support other human beings to live better!  We believe this is a case of quality over quantity.  You don’t need to buy those cheap pants that get a hole after one wear - why not buy the hand sewn ones that are going to last for years?  

The best news is that this also helps our planet!  In closing, we want you to know that we are founded on this premise and because of that we are putting our money towards helping victims of human trafficking - 10% of our proceeds to be exact!