Who Is Ginger?

A creative and artistic soul, Ginger relished time with her family and living life, endlessly pursuing her passions and dreams. She was a single parent - juggling multiple jobs to make sure her girls had a roof over their heads, food on the table, and once in a while something special.  I will always be grateful for the time she saved up for my first surfboard which opened a whole new world for me.

As a photographer, Ginger had an eye for capturing the beautiful and unique moments in life; everything from jaunts to Death Valley for sunrise photos, the blood, sweat, and tears of the Iron Man triathletes competing in Kona, and the candid shots of her family. She was dedicated to her friends and gave back to her community by helping those in need and sometimes this meant literally giving the clothes off her back.

She wasn’t materialistic, and she appreciated quality and handmade jewelry that would last forever, over quantity. Ginger had a style that matched her fearless and independent spirit, and she chose to spend her time doing things she loved with those she loved!

Ginger’s time in this world was tragically and unexpectedly cut short, and if there’s anything I’ve learned from the loss of my mom, it’s to covet your time and who you spend it with, and to do something that you’re passionate about. 

So here’s to the Ginger Threads Collections woman – let’s live life doing what makes us happy, while looking beautiful, feeling great and taking care of others around us!


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