Hello Fellow Wanderlust - Try Virtual Travel (Continued)


Ginger Threads Collections - Morocco is the home of handmade jewelry1- Marrakech

I love Marrakech and I can still remember how magical it was with every door we entered and every corner we turned.  You can visit virtually and tour some of the top spots in Marrakech.  Visitors to Marrakech can experience life much in the same way it would have been centuries ago by just walking the streets and alleys.  A visit to Jemma el Fna is a must to experience musicians, nightly food stalls, snake charmers and of course shopping. No visit is complete without a visit to the hammam, which is a traditional bathhouse.  This tour is best experienced with some Moroccan mint tea!

2 - Lapland

I have never been but it is definitely on my list!  Lights over Lapland created experiences for those suffering wanderlust to virtually travel to the Icehotel in Swedish Lapland. You can virtually visit the local Arctic wilderness, meet local huskies and reindeer, go dog sledding and reindeer sledding and even join a Northern Lights hunt.  If you want to see the Northern lights, this seems like an incredible opportunity!

3 - Jerusalem, Israel

Another top spot on my list to visit that I haven’t been to yet is Israel.  Israel is promoting a whole series of virtual tours for travellers at home, including one that takes you around Jerusalem's most famous sights. These videos allow you to use the 360 degree functionality to make you feel like you are really exploring while you tour the city’s holiest sites! Just sit back and explore Jerusalem.

4 - Venice

The beauty of Venice is getting lost and wandering around to see what you will find.  Venice is one of those places your heart longs to visit again and again. It wouldn’t be a visit to Venice without going to St. Mark’s Square, drinking bellinis and taking a gondola ride.  But, my best secret about Venice is what happens after dark when everything goes quiet. There is a secret dance party that you can only find by following the music! Here you can explore Venice top sights and pretend to wander the canals of Venice. 

5 - The Hidden Worlds of the U.S. National Parks

This is a really cool way to explore some of the U.S. Parks.  It is a google project that lets you explore five different parks, including Florida’s Dry Tortugas, Hawai’i volcanoes, Kenai Fjords in Alaska, New Mexico’s Carlsbad Caverns, and Utah’s Bryce Canyon. Each tour starts with a brief history lesson and then you can dive into the landscape. It is especially helpful because the audio tour guides help along your journey by explaining what you’re looking at.  We don’t always think of staying in the U.S. for a vacation, but this might change your mind!

6 - London

If you haven’t been to London, you should plan to go.  There are so many great places to visit and it is a very walkable city (just make sure you look the opposite way before crossing the street)!  This site helps you experience some of the top visited sites across London from the comfort of your sofa.  You won’t be able to taste the fish and chips with mushy peas or go to a traditional tea but you could prepare your own at home while you explore!  

7 - Hawaii

Hawaii is probably on everyone’s list to visit whether you have been before or not!  This site allows you to visit over 3000 pictures in 360 degrees across the different Hawaiian islands.  You may not be able to paddle out to catch a wave or snorkel with the giant sea turtles, but you will be able to experience so many cool sites and maybe if you make a cocktail to enjoy while you explore, it will feel a lot like a trip to the islands!  

8 - Washington DC

Even after traveling the world, I can say that my home is my favorite place to put on my walking shoes and explore!  This site lets you explore some of the top outdoor areas and monuments.  It is such a beautiful city with historic buildings, amazing monuments and so much history.  Most people come to DC to explore the Smithsonian museums which by the way is not one museum but many and they are free!  Here you can virtually explore the Smithsonian museums and check out some really cool exhibits.  If you haven’t been to DC, you should plan a visit to my city!

Staying home can help you get a headstart on planning your next trip!  There are some great deals out there on flights and hotels. The travel industry will need your support after this pandemic!  I will be staying home, hanging out in my favorite city, shopping with our amazing vendors virtually and walking my favorite dogs!  If you have a favorite virtual travel site, please share it in the comments so that we can check it out, too! XOXO