Paris - the Key to My Heart (Continued)


Here’s a short list of some of my favorite places to roam in Paris, in no particular order:

1) A "hike" up to Montmarte

Not only are there places (shops, cafes) to explore on the way up, but after all of those steps you won’t feel bad rewarding yourself with a crepe while you wander around Place du Tertre. As the lemon sugar mixture drips out of my crepe (and sometimes usually all over my clothes), I take in the square full of artists set up at their easels and vying to sketch each passerby’s picture. Also at the top is Basilica Sacre-Coeur, worth checking out along with the view it has overlooking Paris.

2) Wandering through Le Marais

The streets of Marais have some of the best shopping in Paris (in my opinion) because you can find second-hand luxury brands and independent designers side-by-side. Le Marais has a bit of it all – amazing cafes, wine bars, handmade jewelry, museums, shopping, and art galleries. I always find something new for Ginger Threads Collections with each visit!

3) The Latin Quarter

To experience great jazz music, I always find a few hours to spend enjoying a live performance. Shakespeare and Company bookstore also lives in this quarter, and if you appreciate books, this iconic place will not disappoint!

4) A stroll through the Tuileries and along the Seine

Obviously the Louvre and many of the monuments are must-sees in Paris, but the experience of walking the length of the Tuileries garden and a stretch of the Seine are two of my favorite things to do, with no specific destination.

In the Tuileries, I love seeing life – kids playing with boats at the pond, people lounging around the water and on the grass, the magic of the carousel set against a backdrop of perfectly manicured hedges and beautiful sculptures.

A journey along the Seine lets you appreciate the intricate architecture of the many bridges that span it or the majesty of Notre Dame if you’re walking along the opposite bank.

5) Eiffel Tower at night

I know, so cliché! Seeing the tower sparkle once the sun goes down is stunning and an exciting reminder of exactly where you are.

I can name so many more experiences, although Pont des Arts as Lock Bridge won’t be on the list since the city took the padlocks down a while back. Good thing I can wear my Ginger Threads Collections Compass Rose heart lock necklace (handmade jewelry) as a reminder of one of my favorite places on Earth! J’adore Paris!

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