7 Must Haves for your Closet (Continued)


1 - A denim jacket is number one for me! 

I pair mine with everything and it eliminates so much other stuff in my bags when I travel.  Find one you love and that is comfortable and you will see exactly what I mean!  It keeps me warm on cool nights and feeling hot always! 

When it gets a little colder- a leather jacket will be my go-to!  I love a cute jacket that both keeps me warm and completes my ensemble.

2 - Jeans! 

A great fitting pair of jeans or a few will be so much better than a huge stack!  I like a stretchy fabric, some holeless, some with holes.  We LOVE our Coco Cooper Denim because it is made for real women and fits your curves perfectly! 

Let’s face it - no matter how many pairs you have, you have certain ones you always wear.  Find your perfect fit and you will never regret splurging for amazing jeans that accentuate your best ASSets!

3 - Basic tops

I am almost always in the mood for a basic black, grey, camel or blue top.  Having some great tops in your closet that fit well, feel great and pair with anything are a must!  I love a soft fabric - silk or bamboo are always great choices!  And all you need is to accessorize to dress them up or down!  If it’s cold, add your denim or leather jacket!

Scraves - Ginger Threads Collections

4 - Scarves

A good scarf or a few is a must have!  I love to bring color into my outfits by adding a scarf.  Plus, there are so many different ways to wear them - see our previous vlog at https://www.gingerthreadscollections.com/blogs/news/scarves-can-make-an-outfit to learn a few! 

And I always choose a larger scarf so that I can also wear it as a wrap cover-up over my bathing suit or around my shoulders in the evenings!  

5- Little Black Dress

A flattering LBD will always make you feel incredible!  I can go from pjs to feeling gorgeous in 5 minutes by throwing on a LBD, putting my hair up and adding mascara and lipstick.  Call me to go out after I am already chilling and watching movies for the night...the LBD will bring me from the couch to the wine bar instantly!  And if it’s chilly, I will add the scarf!

6 - Leggings

I personally love a good pair of leggings.  They are great year-round and can be both casual and dressier depending on what you pair them with.  We love the bamboo leggings we carry because they are soft and longer so that they are stacked at the bottom which makes them sexy with heels if you are dressing them up! 

I have worn mine with my husband's dress shirt, a belt and cute flats; with a basic top, denim jacket and heels; and under a cute basic dress with sandals.  

Accessorize - Ginger Threads Collections


7 - Accessories

I am a jewelry addict!  In fact, it is normally my go-to souvenir when I travel.  Pssst….I love jewelry more than clothes!  For earrings, I believe everyone needs some basic studs so that you are always accessorized.  But, I am in LOVE with statement earrings (and I have sensitive ears so I am picky). 

We have a few I cannot get enough of which I am sure you see in our #OOTD such as my buffalo horn earrings, my Moroccan earrings, my simple threaders and the Ethic Goods colorful hoops.  Necklaces are my weakness.  I don’t even begin to understand how anyone wouldn’t wear them! 

When packing to travel - they are small and they can MAKE the outfit!  I am more about statement necklaces then dainty necklaces but the colors and choices - Oh how I love shopping for beauties to offer at Ginger Threads Collections!


The bottom-line is that we all have our favorites in our closet that we constantly turn to when we don’t know what to wear.  I suggest you think about what those are and why.  Make better choices, buy higher quality, sustainable fashion and simplify your life!  We can help you with this and would love to! 

If you are local to South Lake Tahoe - you can book a private shopping appointment.  Our #shopgirl Shayna would love to help you find the perfect pieces for your wardrobe.  If you aren’t local, no worries.  We have everything online and you can shop 24/7.  We offer no-hassle returns so you can shop without reservation.  If you need help, message us and we will be happy to help you choose pieces that will work for you and your body type.  And our accessories are nothing but AMAZING because we find the most unique artisans to partner with!