Maintaining Control when Everything around you Feels Out of Control (Continued)


My day job is working for the Department of Defense.  I manage about 65 people and I have not seen them since March.  We have endless conference calls, chats, etc but we do not see each other.  I am a closet EXTROVERT.  I don’t message people when I am in the office, I go to their desk to see their faces and check-in while I ask my question.  I am at home all day long, every single day!  This is part one of my loss of control.  I should add my team rocks and they are getting $#@T done while teleworking full-time, but man I miss them!

I have two kids - one who was supposed to start college this fall and one that is in high school.  The youngest will be doing online school and missing a whole year of her high school experience.  My son will be delaying college in hopes that next semester will be in person.  My heart breaks for my poor kids and I have control over exactly none of it!

Then, Shayna and I started this amazing business and had huge plans - some of which involve traveling.  Let me tell you those planes are calling our name.  But, that aspect is delayed.  We are resourceful women and have worked around it, but this is again out of our control.

So, that brings me to the one thing that I do have control over.  I am going to be very vulnerable here and share something personal with you.  I have battled with my weight since I can remember.  I was a chubby kid, then I got much thinner in high school and battled an eating disorder in college. I exercised as much as I possibly could and would obsess about everything that I put into my mouth, sometimes purging.  It was a sense of control when there was so much around me that I did not feel I had control over.

Throughout my adult life I have done pretty well not obsessing over my weight.  But, I have always been very self-conscious of my body even when I was average-sized.  I think the turning point was probably after I got divorced and I started dating.  I was fairly successful finding dates and it helped my self-esteem so much. 

Anyway, fast forward to this crazy pandemic.  I decided that I wanted to add some exercise into my life.  The gym was closed but DC is my backyard, so I bought some running shoes and started to lace up.  I now do a minimum of 50 miles a week, mostly fast walking but some running.  I am also following a strict keto diet.  The pounds are coming off and I think this will finally be the year I reach my goals.  I am in total control of this - maybe a bit obsessed, but it is the only aspect of life I feel like I have control over.  I am getting healthy and I am happy and I feel great! 

In my opinion during this time, the one thing you do have control over is... you.  Maybe you don’t have a goal to lose weight, but you want to explore a hidden talent or complete something that has been left unfinished for years.  Maybe now is your time.  Go take control of that dream and find some normalcy for yourself.  None of us know how long this new way will last, but it seems that for the foreseeable future, life as we were used to has changed.  That doesn’t have to be a bad thing - use it to your advantage!  The opportunities are endless - if you set your mind to it and take control!

Take Control - Ginger Threads Collections


As an added bonus, I now feel comfortable taking pictures in our gorgeous clothing from our sustainable fashion boutique and I can model all of the beautiful handmade jewelry to share what it looks like.  This would have been way out of my comfort zone before!