How Many Friends do you NEED? (Continued)


But, finding true friends is a challenge!  I left my hometown after high school and I moved to Northern Virginia right after college where I swear people never go outside of their houses.  Meeting new people - especially ones I wanted to be friends with was challenging.  I feel like working moms have so little time for friendships that it is just something we struggle with. 

Most of my friends - I met at work.  I also feel like there are different categories of friends.  For example, Shayna is that friend that I would tell my deepest secrets and never worry that 1- she would judge me for my stupidity or that  2 - she would tell anyone.  I know this is true because she knows a lot of really stupid things I have done. 

She does laugh with me (so much she’s broken a blood vessel in her eye), cry with me and always helps me.  Then there are friends, you know the ones, you love to hang out with them but you don’t share too much.  And lastly are the acquaintances which again you love to see, but you only see occasionally.  

So many times I see people on social media looking for ways to meet friends, hosting community get togethers, neighborhood parties, etc.  It's a challenge - a real challenge.  But, I would say this and this is a relatively new epiphany to me. 

Your true friends will come at the most unexpected time.  They just pop into your life and it's amazing.  Heck, Shayna and I met in a warzone, dressed in military uniforms and now we have a fashion boutique.  She is a true gift in my life. 

Another friend who I adore was my neighbor.  We didn’t talk - just waved for a year and then when I decided to sell my house, we somehow started to talk and I was moving away.  But, she is still amazing and I am thankful to have her in my life! 

I only say all this to say - how many friends do you need?  Maybe you should focus on the people you have in your life and cherish them.  I always envied people who had lots of friends but what I realized is that 1- I don’t have time to have too many friends and do it well and 2 - the friends I do have are amazing and exactly who I need in my life.  

Quality of friends over quantity - Ginger Threads Collections


Some of the loneliest people may be surrounded by people.  It isn’t about quantity, it is about quality!  Just like your clothes!  We sometimes miss what is right in front of us because we are too busy looking for something else.  Don’t miss out on the friends that are in your life to find more. 

Friends are the best gift and I am so grateful for those that I have in my life today.  I lost an incredible friend to breast cancer and losing her hurts every single day but I am grateful for the time we did have together.  She came into my life unexpectedly and helped me through some really difficult times. 

Everyone comes into your life for a reason...and we have to trust that the right people will find us when we need them most!