Fearless Women

Just who do we think we are?!  We are two battle-hardened (seriously, we met in Afghanistan and have been through many battles since) besties who have loved, lost, and have had to re-build our lives.  We are very different and also very alike. Besides being the rare combo of extroverts and Certified Public Accountants (yeah, you read that correctly), we both realize that life is too short to be unhappy.

We came out of Afghanistan different women, with a sense of fearlessness to take on life and to make some major changes. We have been through many personal battles and hardships since Afghanistan. We opened an ethical fashion boutique almost at the very time when the world shutdown due to a global pandemic. Our experiences with our boutique and meeting so many new people really highlighted our desire to leave the world a better place!

Between being CPAs and our life experiences, we felt our next calling was to help lift up other women and we landed here...two fearless women ready to help you take on the world and conquer your finances. We want all women to be empowered and have the tools to successfully pursue their dreams. We want all women to come out of their own battles standing tall and proudly displaying their "battle wounds", too!


We’re so excited to share our knowledge to help you achieve financial security and independence. We know firsthand that it can be hard work and a long road to get the results you want.

Our goal is to give you a comprehensive plan with detailed, action-oriented steps, and the encouragement and support to keep you going. It’s time to fearlessly go after what you want and lead the life you deserve!

You won’t want to miss our e-book “Fearless Women’s Guide to Financial Independence and Shamelessly Loving Yourself!”