How We Choose the Companies We Work With and Why We Celebrate Them (Continued)


Ginger Threads Collections - How we Choose Our Partners

And how do we find these gems, you ask? Nothing is easy in the time of COVID, so we spend a lot of time combing sustainable fashion sites and online groups, as well as some online wholesale resources. Word of mouth and seeing what some of our favorite local boutiques are carrying is another approach. We were also fortunate enough to attend a huge trade show.  Granted when we can travel again, we fully intend to get out there and find designers and artisans that we’d like to work with. Plus we can vet the production processes in some cases (trust, but verify). 

Another question we get is why do you promote other companies in your social media and on your website? Honestly, why not? We don’t carry all of the beautiful creations they offer, for starters, so please do visit their sites and see what else they have going on.

Here’s a fun fable and insight into the retail industry - we attended a retail seminar pre-COVID, and the speaker said “There actually is a way to remove the tags on products and put your own on legally.” I don’t know if we were more appalled that someone would gleefully claim something they didn’t design or produce as their own, or that they were so afraid of “competition” that they would be willing to re-brand products so you had no idea who really made it. Legal or not, it doesn’t seem like the right thing to do.

We take the opposite approach. Because we’ve done our research and know who our designers and artisans are and what they’re about, we choose to celebrate them, as loud/often as possible! You’ll see Partner Spotlights, with in-depth details on different companies, as well as frequent tags and shout-outs in social media when we wear or feature something from a specific designer. Hopefully you’ll enjoy getting to know them as much as we have!