Choose You, Too (Continued)


Now my kids are teenagers and those days are long gone.  But, as I juggle working full-time, running an online woman's boutique, cooking, cleaning, kids and a husband, I sometimes still forget about me.  

This week we want to share some self-care ideas that can help you through your day and as the saying goes - “You can’t pour from an empty cup, take care of yourself first!”  Both Shayna and I are trying really hard to practice this and hold one another accountable for taking time for ourselves - every single day!  Here are some self-care ideas that we have found helpful for us:

Focus on your skin - Ginger Threads Collections


1 - Focus on your skin!

A favorite of ours is a body or facial treatment.  I am obsessed with Laurel Skincare (made from flowers in California and works so well for my very sensitive skin - check it out!).  I use all of their products but the honey mask is my very favorite and it leaves my face soft and glowing!  I am actually wearing it right now as I write this! 

We also both use a jade roller on our skin to improve circulation and lymphatic drainages, so you look more glowing and less puffy!  It is a daily treat and you will love the cool feeling (sometimes I even refrigerate mine for extra cool) on your skin.  It feels like you are giving yourself a nice facial and neck massage! 

As a bonus, it takes only minutes to use the roller; you can definitely find a few minutes in your day. You only get one face and trust us when we say - as you get older you will wish you started caring more before the wrinkles appear!


Movement Feels Good - Ginger Threads Collections


2 - Movement feels good!

I am the queen of excuses when it comes to exercise.  In college you couldn’t keep me from the gym for even one day but as life got busy, somehow I forgot how good exercise feels - at least afterwards!  Recently I decided to start walking during my lunch break and make it a habit (they say it takes 21 days to form a habit). 

Now I find my days aren’t complete without a walk and yesterday that came in the form of 15 miles!  I don’t know about you but I feel so much better when I move!  Take that time for you - whether it is yoga, running, or something else you love!  Not only will you feel better but it will give you that time to clear your head and be with your own thoughts.  


Eat What You Enjoy - Ginger Threads Collections


3 - Eat what you enjoy!

How many of you are eating your kids leftover chicken nuggets for lunch?  We don’t all have time to cook a three course meal, but eating well can make a huge difference in how you feel.  Let’s face it when we eat poorly our bodies feel like crap! 

Take time when you plan your grocery list to think about you!  What foods do you enjoy that are simple and easy for you to enjoy without having to eat something you really just eat because of time pressures.  I like to cook a few things on Sunday night to have in the refrigerator for the week because I know one hour on Sunday means I have “me” food all week long! 

For me, that often looks like a crustless quiche, some chicken in the Instapot for salads, some soup in the instapot, and maybe some keto zucchini bread for something sweet.  For you that could look completely different but think of you when you make that grocery list.  And for goodness sakes, if you get to go to the grocery store sans children, get that coffee while you shop and enjoy your peace!



4 - Friends bring us joy and laughter

Talk to your friend(s).  There is something floating around right now on social media about not having a “tribe” and describes sadness because you watch others with their “tribe” spend all weekend at activities together and taking perfect pictures in their perfect lives. 

I don’t know about you, but for me personally what is described in the story isn’t even something I have searched for and sounds exhausting to keep up with.  Nowadays I  love my friends and I feel like having a few really close friends is perfect and manageable. 

I love my friends but not all friends are created equal.  Some are those you tell EVERYTHING and never worry like Shayna and I are with each other.  I don’t keep any secrets from her and I know there is no judgment (well I am sure there are times she thinks I lost my mind)!  But, I found that having just that one person that I can talk to and laugh with every single day gives me good energy.  And sometimes  just saying something to another person out loud makes you feel so much better! 

No matter what is happening in life, I can always count on her to make me laugh.  Find those friends and hold on tight!  So many of my other friends give me great energy too, sharing laughs, helping one another, sharing tips on great finds or travel.  Today as we are all homebound I even find great joy in having virtual coffee and facetime with my friends I miss!  Let your friends help you rejuvenate!  



5 - Dance to your own drumbeat

Music can change my entire day!  Sometimes I just put in my earbuds and focus on my music.  For me that often means reggae - pretending I am laying on the beach in Jamaica or floating in the water!  It takes me away for those minutes and reminds me of all those feelings I love.  It can change my mood for the entire day!  In fact I have an Amazon Echo in my bathroom and every single shower involves reggae! 

What music takes you to your happy place?  And even though I can’t sing and dance very little without alcohol - for those minutes I am a darn good singer and dancer!  


We hope you take time to treasure who you are!  Sometimes we all forget how amazing we are and when that happens we need to take the time to rejuvenate.  Find your happy activities and take the time for you every single day!  We only mentioned a few but there are so many other options like reading, meditation, travel, hiking, and so much more.  Find what helps you and commit to finding some time for you!  You really can’t take good care of anyone until you take good care of you!

P.S. Just a little tip because she is one of my favorite self-care gurus - check out Kristi Poux.  She is a badass woman who I believe is the QUEEN of self-care and always encourages her clients to practice good self-care at home!  She owns the Silk Mill Retreat in Fredericksburg, VA where I used to live but she also has an online site. Check out her website at for some great products or even virtual 1-1 or group treatments!