Celebrating Freedom (Continued)



I’ve had a lifelong love of clothing and accessories, especially in finding clothing and jewelry makers when I’m traveling that are unique and not offered in department stores and malls. I love meeting the designers in their workshops and storefronts, supporting their business, and taking home the quality and craftsmanship that they’re so proud of.

As I’ve grown older, and maybe arguably a little wiser, I’ve learned to appreciate well-made clothing, unique accessories, and have even started to scorn the fast fashion and/or wasteful brands that I’ve worn in the past. I’d actually much rather wear my silk Ginger Threads Collections scarf from Spain than my Louis Vuitton scarf that I once coveted (I know, I know, borderline blasphemy for some!). With the Ginger Threads Collections clothes and jewelry, I know the story behind each piece - where it’s made and who makes it. 

Ginger Threads Collections Store Soft Opening


I’m celebrating the freedom of wearing clothes that I feel good about wearing, and not concerning myself with brand names that aren’t even good corporate citizens.

As my government career winds down, I’m also celebrating the freedom of having a business that I’m proud to be a part of, and excited for what the future holds. No more requests for time off or having a schedule that someone else sets. It’s time to do the work that I want to do; yes the risks are also all mine (and my business partner’s), but I truly believe that when you are dedicated to something that you’re passionate about (and have fantastic offerings), there’s no reason to fear failure. And I can’t wait to really get started and bring to you the happiness and joy that I’ve found from finding beautiful, unique, and sustainable fashion!