5 Tips for Buying a Bathing Suit (Continued)


What you will be doing in your suit - Ginger Threads Collections Blog

1 - Know what you’ll be doing in your suit

Is it for lounging around poolside or on the beach, enjoying a good book or an adult beverage (and if so, I’m envious!)? Or will you be chasing kids around, participating in water sports, and being more active with your suit on?

It’s key to know so you can make sure to find a suit that’s made for what you intend to do. I’ve surfed in suits with zippers, metal rings, and other adornments that were sooo uncomfortable and made my time in the water miserable. I didn’t even consider this before throwing it on, but paid the price for it in the form of sore indentations on my body. 

If you only buy one for the summer season, there are many great options that will give you coverage and look cute, no matter what you plan to do.


2 - Think about where you’ll be wearing your suit

Similar to number one, where you plan to go with your bathing suit should be a consideration. If you most likely will be in chlorine, some bathing suit fabrics will not last too long unless you wash it out after swimming. Nothing like a new, expensive suit smelling like chemicals and lasting for one season!

Where will you be going in your suit - Ginger Threads Collections Blog

Consider how to care for your bathing suit - Many suits have built-in UV protection, which is awesome. However, frequently washing it in the washing machine with detergent could reduce the effectiveness of the UV protection sooner than you were planning.

Also, suits with tassels, shiny fabric, and other fun things attached are prone to be ruined by the washing machine quicker than others. The bottom line here is that hand washing your bathing suit is usually the best to make it last. If you know hand washing probably won’t happen, you may want to re-think the type of suit you buy.


3 - Try it on before you buy it

Otherwise, how would you know the bottoms of the suit are Brazilian cut and something you may not be comfortable wearing? Likewise, different styles of tops may be really flattering and fit perfectly even if it may not be a style you’d normally wear. Once you know which styles work best, online ordering is much easier (but honestly, make sure the cut of the bottoms is something that would work for you - I’ve purchased a suit that I thought had full coverage only to find out once I was already on my vacation, that it was sheer with a thong look - oops!).

The good news is that nowadays most online retailers will accept bathing suit returns with the liner and tags attached. Not sure how I feel about this, but an option nonetheless...


4 - Style it out with cover-ups and dresses

Sometimes bathing suits work in ways that bras can’t, and might look great under certain dresses and tops. Also, if you’re still not super comfortable in your bathing suit or like some coverage, there are tons of great cover-ups to wear before, during, and after your time in the sun. In this case, a neutral color suit - like black - is perfect for wearing with most anything.

I personally love to wear a simple wrap or loose dress so I don’t have to worry about parts hanging out of my suit when I’m busy with the kids at the beach!

Style it up - Ginger Threads Collections Blog


No matter what your plans are for the summer, most likely it’ll involve putting a bathing suit on at some point. Learning what styles works best for your lifestyle can take the hassle and stress out of finding the perfect suit. And when it comes to the clothes and accessories that go with your bathing suit, Ginger Threads has you covered with this week’s selection of beautiful, functional cover-ups, handmade hats, and sunburst ear cuffs for some unexpected bling.

Enjoy summer, be sun smart, and love the skin you’re in!