Business Partners Continued


We also had an opportunity to meet locals, see shepherds outside the wire herding their flocks, shop at the local market on base, and give candy to local children. Looking at the beautiful mountains, it was hard to believe this war torn country had been in conflict for several decades.  But, seeing the young men and women in uniform from around the world heading out to complete missions and the constant aircraft takeoffs was a reality check of the war around us.

Due to increasing threats, we ended up taking a commercial flight from Afghanistan to Dubai where we had one day to explore and shop.  We had separate rooms but didn’t want to be apart. The malls had the most beautiful, exotic clothing and shoes unlike any we had ever seen. After wearing combat boots for days, we opted for some gorgeous new heels.  We explored the city and the most memorable sights were the magical souks with gorgeous, ornate wood-carved doors, handcrafted wares and proud artisans. From there we headed to Bahrain for a bit to finish our work.  We visited the souks again and were enamoured with the jewelry as well as the kindness of the shop owners. This trip was the beginning of a beautiful BB friendship.

We were both intrigued to learn about the culture, fascinated with the fine craftsmanship and in love with the experiences throughout this trip. Years down the road, through downsizing and moving, we still both have our cherished items from this adventure.  We will share the many adventures that followed this first one in the future, but what was cultivated on this trip would be the very foundation for our vision for Ginger Threads Collections.  

Ginger Threads Collections represents two women who love to embrace the cultures of other countries and soak in the traditions of others.  We are both strangely very organized, free-spirits. We share a love for fashion and being different and appreciate the fine quality from artisans and designers across the globe.  Last year we both decided to pack up our houses and make a fresh start – selling most of our belongings. We landed on separate coasts, one of us in Lake Tahoe and one in Washington DC. It was an opportunity to focus on happiness – not material things.  This is how the idea for Ginger Threads was born. We want to help you create a timeless wardrobe to look effortlessly chic, giving you back time to focus on what is really important – enjoying life!