6 Tips to Improve Your Confidence in Your Body Image (Continued)


With summer around the corner, it’s usually the time of year most women start “dieting” and getting ready for bathing suit weather.  After 42 years, I am still not sure what my summer body looks like but I know it is never quite what I was imagining it would be when it is time to go bathing suit shopping. 

With that being said, I think as women we are way too hard on ourselves.  I have come a long way improving in this area and I want to share a few tips with you on how to feel more confident this summer in your own skin.  

1 - Wear heels 

Heels make your legs look longer and thinner.  Just this morning I put on a pair of shorts and initially I was not impressed with how my legs looked, but then I changed shoes.  The next time I walked past the full length mirror I caught a glimpse of my legs and I actually liked what I saw!    

Tips to Improving your Body Image - Flowers


2 - Sunshine in a Bottle

If you are like me and pale, you probably always wish your skin was a bit darker.  But, also like me, you may burn instead of tan.  I love Coola (certified organic ingredients) self-tanner.  It doesn’t streak, it is quick and easy and it doesn’t leave you looking oompa-loompa orange.  Tip - shave and exfoliate your legs before you spray, and make sure you wash your hands immediately afterwards.  

3 - Sometimes less is more

I tried the mom bathing suit when my kids were younger but as I got older I opted for a more traditional bikini and I think it actually looks better.  When you are tucked, pulled and covered in a tent you just can’t feel sexy.  When I put on a bikini (I like a cup size top for support) I feel confident and beautiful.  Give it a try!  Confidence looks beautiful on you, too!

Tips to Improving your Body Image - Less is More!


4 - Choose clothing to accentuate your best assets

Wrap style dresses and tops are a great example of clothing styles that can help accentuate the right assets and hide those areas you don’t love as much. I always find that my waist appears smaller and my chest is accentuated. You should give this style a try and see what you think.

Colors and prints, such as stripes, can also help to play up (or down) certain aspects of your figure when done right.  I also like to watch people and see what they are wearing and how it looks.  If they look amazing and we have similar body types, I know I will look amazing in that style, too! 

5 - Scarves

My least favorite body part is…..my arms!  Weird I know but this is one reason I love scarves.  I can take one with me when I am wearing a sleeveless top or dress and wrap it around to cover my arms if I get cold or just self-conscious. 

If you are wearing a swimsuit, you can wear it wrapped around your waist and it is the perfect coverup! Scarves are definitely the most versatile accessory and look flattering on every woman!  

6 - Shapewear

Ok, this might be a little unpopular but please do not squeeze into a body shaper that makes your best assets look mis-shapen.  Being smoothed out but odd shaped is not necessarily better.  You know exactly what I am talking about.  Find the right undergarments for you but check out your body in the mirror before venturing out! If you’re not sure, just don’t wear it - why spend your time worrying if you look lop-sided instead of enjoying your day or evening! 

Most importantly, be proud of all your body does for you everyday.  Take good care of yourself, be confident and remember to tell yourself how beautiful you are!  You’ve got this and we are here to help you find the perfect outfits so you can focus on the more important things in life.  Check out our new and improved website with two models wearing each outfit to give you a better idea of how they fit.  


Ginger Threads Collections - Pants to Improve Body Image


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