6 Tips to Make Your Clothes Last Longer with Slow Fashion (Continued)


Pop quiz:  Did you know many fabrics are made from plastics?  Do you know how long it takes for plastic to decompose - The answer may surprise you - it can take non-biodegradable clothes made of synthetic textiles such as polyester, spandex, nylon and rayon 20-200 years to fully biodegrade!

Today we are going to share some tips with you on how to take better care of the clothing you do purchase so that you keep them in the best condition and prolong their life.  Prolonging the lifespan of our clothing will help us master slow fashion!

1 - Read the label

It may seem silly but clothing has care instructions for a reason.  If it says cool water, hand wash or do not put in the dryer, it’s a good idea to follow the manufacturer instructions.  Sure, you may be able to get by with warm water or a slower cycle but what if following the instructions increased the longevity and the new look of the items.  And if you are anything like me, you have probably pulled your favorite new top out of the dryer only to find that it wouldn’t even fit your daughter’s babydoll.  A few extra minutes to read the instructions and follow them can save your new top!

Hanging clothes - Ginger Threads Collections


2 - Hang to dry

When I was a little girl I used to watch my grandmother hang all of their clothes on the washline outside to dry.   As I got older, I wondered why she never used the dryer she had.  But, I think my grandma was actually onto something. 

Clothes dryers use a lot of energy.  The heat is also very harsh on your clothing and breaks down the fibers - causing the garments to age prematurely.  Think about the lint trap - that is little bits of fabric from your clothes!  Have you ever thought about that?  And hanging clothes outside to dry gives them the most amazing fresh scents! No clothes line, no problem. Foldable drying racks are convenient to use in even the smallest of outdoor spaces, and easy to fold up and store.


3 - Prepare your clothing for the wash

Take a few minutes to button and zipper the clothing so that it doesn’t get caught on other clothing or on the machine.  Turn your clothes inside out, especially jeans or clothing with logos on them.  This will also help maintain the color.


4 - Wash less

If you only wear your clothing for a short time and don’t get them soiled, consider wearing them again before you wash them.  You put them on a clean body the first time!  When my family would visit from Europe, I noticed they would wear outfits a few days in a row.  At the time I didn’t understand, but it makes so much sense now. 

I am not saying to wear the same clothes day-after-day, but you could hang it back up and wear it another day down the road. I’ve even seen magazine articles (in foreign countries) that say to never wash jeans; clearly there are some different ideas on the frequency that clothing really needs to be washed - something to think about!


5 - Treat stains right away

Keep a stain stick in your purse or desk drawer.  This way if you get a stain on your clothing you can treat it right away.  The longer it sits, the less likely you will be able to remove it completely.  

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6 - Learn to sew

We aren’t advocating that you start sewing your own clothes (we work with amazing designers that will do it for you!).  But, if you get a small tear or lose a button, it would be great to be able to grab your thread and needle to repair it instead of throwing it away, or letting it sit around, unworn.


Devinto - Ginger Threads Collections Spotlight


We hope you find these simple tips useful to help prolong the life of your clothes.  We work with many sustainable fashion brands.  This week our partner spotlight is on Devinto. 

Aiste is the incredible woman designer who developed Devinto.  She makes slow fashion look beautiful!  She considers the earth and people within each step of her process - from selecting eco-friendly fabrics, the timeless designs, the made-to-order manufacturing model, cutting and sewing the designs herself, and finally by the premium quality of the end products!  We want to keep each of her pieces forever, so we love how simple they are to care for and they still look brand new!