Studio Ko Clothing

What is your role?
Producing consistent quality products and supporting small boutiques.
Tell us about your company values. 
Express the great value of US products and try to meet the reasonable price ranges so that more clients experience and understand the importance of U.S. made products.
What is your favorite Studio Ko Clothing product and why?
Our bamboo collection is a huge hit.  Our neutral color pallets, simple and comfy style are the key.
Where are your products made?
USA. (except some basic sweaters are imported, which is not possible to make here in the US.)
Tell us something you’ve learned in your sustainable fashion journey that was a surprise to you.
Compared to the UK, our industry is little behind when it comes to production in a sustainable way. Before becoming the critics of some brands, we should all appreciate those who just start this journey bravely and cheer them on so all those small makers can grow and improve.
Where is your favorite place to be and why? 
I love my downtown Los angeles. This is where I was created and DTLA is the most diverse area in Los Angeles county. Old and young, colors and jobs.  Grunge and flash, Poor and Rich.  We all are in the same zone.