Smart Glass Jewelry

Every piece begins with a discarded glass bottle. Yup, a real piece of trash. And then they transform it into gorgeous, sustainable jewelry.  

They are one of the nation's leading eco accessory brands with an entire line of fashion jewelry made from post-consumer bottles.

How does it work?  They collect a variety of bottles from anywhere they can find them. They keep a treasure trove of empty beer, gin, soda, and wine bottles in their studio. (Yes, it does look like a frat party exploded over there! But there’s surprisingly little broken glass.)

They retain the essence of each type of glass- the original shape, color, and size -  throughout the process. Although radically transformed from its bottle-ness, they love keeping the vessel’s original story present through to the wearer.

Once sorted, the glass bottles are cut and fired, using their patented process, to create unique glass pieces. They use a variety of techniques to alter the finished shape and texture of the glass, such as a seaglass-style matte finish or a wavy contour.

It’s a bit of alchemy that transforms a piece of trash into such a thing of beauty. And it’s why they get a small thrill with every bottle they touch.

Recycled art jewelry!  Everyone needs some!  Kathleen Plate is the talented artist behind Smart Glass Jewelry, has always loved to create beautiful things.