What is your role?  Hi, I’m Vanassa, Designer / founder of Pursuits

Tell us about your company values.  Design is our major focus, as my background from interior design, I see all piece from another angle than a general jewelry designer.

What is your favorite Pursuits product and why? There are quite a few favourites from season to season; Dashes Necklace, Hexx ring, Abacus are the most recent faves of mine.

Where are your products made?  We have parts made by various producers which we have established good relationships through etsy, a local plating factory does plating for us and we do all final designs in-house at our studio in Toronto in small batches.

Tell us something you’ve learned in your sustainable fashion journey that was a surprise to you.  For me, I would see sustainable in another way - not producing trash, which is the reason I hold tight on designing versatilities in each piece.   When there are more ways to wear with good design, it will be kept as a personal collection for a long time, opposite to fast fashion, come and go.

Where is your favorite place to be and why?  I like sun and beaches when I can relax.   Otherwise, I like being in the city to work.  My mind can’t stop thinking about work - I love working!