Ethic Goods

What is your role at Ethic Goods
Hi, I am Katie and I am one of the four owners. My main role is wholesale customer relations but we all work across the board with product development and branding. 
Tell us about  Ethic Goods values:
Well first and foremost, we value fun. If we aren't laughing the whole we are doing it, then we are probably doing something wrong. We believe in solving problems creatively, living with purpose, and loving big. Our artisans inspire us to live a beautiful life, regardless of what’s happened.  We think their courageous, adventurous, and resilient spirit is contagious in each piece.
What is your favorite Ethic Goods product and why?
It is hard to choose one, but my favorite right now is our Hexagon stud earrings ( I wear them with everything! But mainly at home because that's the only place I've been for the last few months- haha! 
Where are Ethic Goods products made?
Our products are designed in Washington, DC but made in Thailand, Ethiopia, and China. Ethic Goods provides economic empowerment for women rescued from human trafficking, and those at risk of exploitation.  By coming alongside these magnificent ladies to develop their business skills, they have the opportunity to provide for their families and set their children on a new, hope-filled path.
Tell us something you’ve learned in your sustainable fashion journey that was a surprise to you: 
I am a numbers person, so I think the more I read about the amount of clothes Americans throw away every year (81 lbs on average) or how many gallons of water it takes to produce one new t-shirt (650 gallons)- my mind starts to spin! I think this is why we are geared towards creating timeless and recycled pieces!   
Where is your favorite place to be and why?
Well right now- anywhere besides my house! But I love Switzerland and the Alps! I've been fortunate to go when I was younger and dream about taking my kids hiking there one day!