Name - Aiste

What is your role at Devinto?
I am basically a one woman show - owner, designer, pattern maker, production manager, seamstress, marketing and sales agent. This is primarily out of necessity as I had a limited budget when I first started out and I am still building my venture from the ground up. I founded Devinto about 7 years ago because I found the options for eco-friendly ethical fashion were very limited. At that time, I had trouble finding designs that suited my aesthetic but were also sustainable and ethically made. So I launched Devinto as a made to order online brand. I do all the designs, patterns and production in my studio (with some help from local seamstresses during my busy seasons) and it has been a business model that works well for me. I enjoy
having a personal relationship with most of my clientele.

Tell Us About Devinto Values
Before venturing out on my own, I worked in the fashion industry for several years. It was eye opening how prevalent questionable ethical practices as well as wasteful and unsustainable production was in the corporate and fast fashion industry. I realized I did not want to be a part of the machine. I started Devinto as a made to order business to minimize overproduction. But also, it was important for me to design with longevity in mind. I aim to create pieces that are modern but timeless and not driven by trends. Pieces that you will want to keep in your closet and not get rid of once the new fad comes along. I use only natural, organic fibers and fabrics that are non toxic and eco friendly in their production process. Sustainability is at the core of my

What is your favorite Devinto product and why?
It’s definitely the Jules “stacked” leggings because I’ve had them from the very first season and they have been my most popular shopped item. They are so versatile. I own a pair in every color and wear them practically everyday. (Especially now during this health crisis - I refuse to wear jeans or real pants anymore) They are so comfortable and soft, they feel like a second skin. I love that they are made extra long so that they can stack at the ankle - it adds to their comfort level. It’s like a built in mini leg warmer.

Where Are Devinto products made?
Everything is made in my studio/shop on Cape Cod, MA, USA. Mostly by me and a few local seamstresses who help me with my production.  

Tell us something you have learned in my sustainable fashion journey that was a surprise
I think what struck me the most since I opened my studio, is how much people love seeing someone make clothes in person and how surprised they are that they can have clothing custom made for them for a rather reasonable price. I think that in the last 40 years, the average person lost that personal connection to their clothing. People have been using tailors since the beginning of time and only in the last few decades since the growth of mass production did we lose that connection. Just as with food, there is that new desire to know where your clothes come from and how they are made. I didn’t realize how much people do enjoy that personal aspect of having a garment made just for them.

Where is your favorite place to be and why?
This interview wouldn’t happen if my favorite place wasn’t in my studio. I love being there, I love creating, I love working with my hands - cutting, sewing and pressing. It doesn’t feel like work to me - it’s just part of who I am. I wake up each morning and look forward to going there because I get to do what I love. Second best is solitary walks on a quiet beach by the ocean. The best days are the ones where I get to do both.