Cotton Brothers

What is your role at Cotton Brothers?

I’m Odete, the founder and global manager of the brand.

Tell us about Cotton Brothers values.

Cotton Brothers is the dream of two siblings, so the value that we most cherish is family. The people that work on the brand are family that fights to make it grow and evolve.

What is your favorite Cotton Brothers product and why?

Well… that is a difficult question, but in the autumn/winter 20 collection, one of my favorite is the pleated dress. I believe it represents very well the brand philosophy, it’s casual and chic and can be worn by women of all sizes.

Where are Cotton Brothers products made?

All our products are made in our factory in Portugal.

Tell us something you’ve learned in your sustainable fashion journey that was a surprise to you.

Being sustainable is harder than you think, suppliers and consumers are not fully ready, but we’ll keep this path.

Where is your favorite place to be and why?

At home with my children’s and my husband.  That is my safe place!