Coco Cooper Denim

Name - Jillian

What is your role at Coco Cooper Denim?

We're a small female-founded company, so we're constantly juggling tasks.  I'm the Founder and Creative Director, but that doesn't mean I'm sitting behind a big desk. I'm in the trenches with my sleeves rolled up. 

Tell us about Coco Cooper Denim values: 

Core values are the foundation of Coco Cooper Denim. Sincere commitment to women and the environment are the DNA of our brand. 

What is your favorite Coco Cooper Denim product and why?

We're known for our great fit and luxurious sustainably-made denim quality. We've chosen to focus on making the best pair of jeans in the market. I can't choose a favorite style. I wear every style in our assortment. 

Where are Coco Cooper Denim products made?

Coco Cooper Denim is made in Los Angeles. We work with compliant factories that ensure fair working conditions and wages. 

Tell us something you’ve learned in your sustainable fashion journey that was a surprise to you.

Most sustainable fashion brands are small businesses like us, collectively committed to producing socially and environmentally friendly products. The community is supportive of each other, often collaborating with like-minded brands or sharing advice. We all have the same goal of making the world a better place! 

Where is your favorite place to be and why?

My favorite place to be is digging in my veggie garden with my kids. There's something so satisfying about growing our food and it tastes better.