Who Made This and What is Their Quality of Life?

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I used to go to the big stores and buy my clothes without thinking much about it.  But as I read more and more about the way people making those clothes were treated, I began to avoid buying without learning about the companies first.  I know that does not guarantee that slave or child labor was not in any way part of the process, but I try really hard to know who makes the things I buy. 

I don’t believe that saving money at the expense of another human is worth it!  Fast fashion has generated a need for companies to find ways to make clothes at a lower cost in order to keep up with the trends and produce things rapidly and sell them at low prices.  This starts the cycle - we are a society of people filled with Willy Wonka’s Varuca Salt mentality of “I want it now!”.


Ginger Threads Collections Blog - Who Made This and what is their quality of life?


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