Where did our Name come from?

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We’ve been asked several times, during formal interviews and casually, where did the name “Ginger Threads”, come from? As anyone knows who’s started a business, you can spin your wheels for A.Long.Time. trying to devise something that captures EVERYTHING your company is about! So stressful, and not something to be taken lightly as you’ll soon have official documents, printed materials, and a website bearing the chosen name. Back to ours, though. 

Bridget and I were going down the path of brainstorming/agonizing over what to call our company. We knew that we wanted to offer beautiful, sustainable clothing and accessories to make getting dressed each day a no-brainer. We knew we wanted to give back to a charity that helps survivors of human trafficking. And we knew we were ready to start something totally different from our careers with the DoD! But what to call all of this fabulousness...



Click here to read about how we got our name...


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