What is fast fashion?

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You’ve probably heard the term fast fashion, but you may not know what it is or why it’s not a positive thing.  Fast fashion is generally low cost clothing mass produced in response to the latest runway trends.  Doesn’t sound so bad?  Let’s explore a little further. 

Fast fashion has a negative impact on both people and our planet.  Let me explain.  Mass produced clothing is generally low quality and trendy and will be worn a time or two before it rips or is simply discarded.  The fabrics used are often not biodegradable and will sit in landfills for years to come (for example polyester takes 20-200 years to decompose).  Even sadder, the people making this clothes are often underpaid and underage.  Think human trafficking and child labor.  Does fast fashion sound like something you want to support?  

Do you shop at the local mall?  Most people don’t realize that many of the popular brands are indeed fast fashion such as:

  • Zara
  • H&M
  • Adidas
  • Top Shop
  • Gap
  • Forever 21
  • Shein
  • Old Navy
  • Victoria’s Secret

Now that you know what fast fashion is, you are probably wondering how to avoid it!  We have a few suggestions that may help you.  

1 - buy from sustainably made brands - think living wages, eco-friendly fabrics and higher quality.

2 - buy less - this just means what you do buy should higher quality, and something you can wear many times.

3 - buy used/vintage - there is so much available second hand, give it a try!

4 - share or swap with friends especially for special occasions this can work great!

We know it’s difficult to shop sustainable and that it may sound too expensive.  But, once you change your mindset to buy fewer, better things, it really isn’t a big change for your wallet!  We love sustainable fashion and we will continue to find brands we can stand behind!    

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