What are you Grateful for Today?

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November is National Gratitude month.  Several years ago I found myself in a funk and friend recommended a gratitude practice that I still use today. At the time, I had so many things not going my way and I was very focused on those things.  A friend told me to write down everything I was grateful for and each day look at the list I had written, add to it and use this as a reminder each day of everything positive in my life.  

After writing my initial list, I cried because I realized I had been so focused on everything that was going wrong in my life, that I was missing everything that was right!  Each day I would read over my list, add anything new and close my eyes and say thank you!  This was how I ended my funk!  

I’ve continued this gratitude practice through the years because it’s easy to focus on the bad.  But, when you assess your life, there is way more to be thankful for than not.  And in many cases, I’ve ended up thankful for those things I initially thought were negative things in my life.  

You see, we live in a world where we can easily get caught up in the chaos.  And in the United States, we have so much more than people in most of the world.  But, sometimes we forget that.  We forget all of the opportunities and freedoms we have.  I challenge you to add a gratitude practice to your daily routine and see how much it changes your life.   Let us know what gratitude practice you may already be using!

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