Top 5 Gifts for the Traveler in Your Life

With the gift giving season upon us, we thought it would be beneficial to remind you the joy that giving can bring you.  Gift giving is not meant to be stressful!  With that being said, we are here to help you and share some gift-giving tips ideas!

Let’s be honest, sometimes it’s those people who least expect a gift that appreciate it the most.  Have you ever paid for a stranger’s Starbucks just for fun?  You could absolutely make their day!  Know someone struggling this year?  I once decorated a friend’s front porch with holiday lights and a wreath - she was so surprised she missed her own driveway because she didn’t think it was her house.  Her husband was undergoing cancer treatments and she didn’t have time to decorate.  We left a few wrapped toys for her toddler and it meant the world to her.  These are the moments of joy you should feel when giving gifts.  

But of course, there are the moments when teenagers don’t like what you chose or wish they had gotten something extravagant that a friend received.  This is where the above gift giving comes in- let them experience this gift giving joy and maybe it will click.  

We all have a list of family and friends we plan to buy gifts for.  Don’t let it be stressful!  Think about what they love and use that to find a gift they don’t expect.  Give them gifts of experiences they can enjoy alone (maybe for a mom who needs a break) or as a family.  And if it’s something material, a unique, better quality item that they’ll truly appreciate and use!

Here’s what we mean.  Take us for example- avid travelers.  This year has been especially difficult for those of us that are world travelers, however, we have some ideas that will help prepare your  traveler for their next trip.  

1- We found the coolest leather jewelry organizers hand made in Belarus which are perfect for travel.  We would add a special piece of jewelry from a country they may have always dreamed of visiting for the perfect pairing!  For example, an embroidered necklace from Turkey, a choker made in Morocco or a black sand necklace from Australia.  This would make any traveler excited for their next adventure!

2 - Sometimes you need to bring a towel for your fun adventure. Most towels take too long to dry and often end up smelling bad - no one wants to pack something stinky in their suitcase!  The Turkish towels fix all of that - they dry quickly and are amazing!  Not to mention they look unique (can easily spot yours on the beach after a swim) and are actually made in Turkey using old hand looming techniques.

3 - Scarves are the best accessory for many reasons, especially when traveling!  They can be used as a blanket on the plane, as a wrap on chilly nights or just for some added color, as a belt or even as a top or coverup.  Multiple uses means scarves are a traveler must have!  Not to mention, it will help you fit in with the locals, especially in Europe!

4 - It’s so important to stay hydrated when you are traveling and bottled water can be expensive!  Find a great water bottle, maybe one with a filter such as the Berkey water bottle, and they will be all set wherever they may travel and have more money to spend on fun (and other drinks) at their destination.  

5 - Travelers may not always treat themselves to splurges in the cities they visit if their budget is tight or they are already spending a lot to fly and stay.  It’s a great surprise to receive a gift certificate for a nice restaurant, a cool museum, or even for an event during their trip.  Do they enjoy the opera?  Are they an art nut?  Would they enjoy a quirky tour?  Maybe a Michelen star restaurant?  This is such a cool and thoughtful way to tell them you have been listening to them when they talk and genuinely know them.  

We are so excited for our first holiday season at Ginger Threads Collections!  We would love to help you find the perfect gift for someone in your life.  Don’t know what they may like?  Let’s chat and see what we can come up with.  We have lots of great gifts now in stock - ethically made and eco-friendly production - for the amazing women in your life!  

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