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7 Must Haves for your Closet (and Mine)

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7 Must Haves for your Closet (and Mine)

I used to think I needed a ton of clothes to always have something to wear.  But, what I found is that the more I had, the harder it was to get dressed and lots of the stuff in my closet I liked, but I didn’t love.  I would take forever to pick something out and then I wouldn't like it once I tried it on.  That is when I realized, I would rather have fewer, but nicer things that I LOVED to wear. 

The trick is having versatile pieces and accessorizing!  Your imagination is your friend when you can see everything you have to choose from.  You can visualize how to pair items in different ways and you don’t have to try things on to see if you like them because you LOVE everything you have in your closet!  So, if you ask me, here are the 7 staples I think should be in every closet. 

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