Part 2 - Parenting Tips - The Dangers of Human Trafficking and Social Media Usage

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When I was a kid, we ran out the door and had to be home by dark.  We played all day, riding bikes, climbing trees, playing games and getting dirty.  My parents never seemed to worry much about me.  Today, we live in a very different world. I used to wonder if I was just more protective and would taunt my parents about the time they lost me at Hershey Park.  But, the reality is while I was lost, I was eating cookies and waiting for them to come get me from the security office.  

I don’t want my kids to be afraid of this world, but I do want them to be aware and understand how to stay safe.  As teenagers, they have social media and game systems connected to literally the entire world.  There are a lot of good people in this world, but unfortunately there are also a lot of not so good people out there.  We repeatedly see stories of grown men and women posing as teens to get information about where the unsuspecting kid on the other end lives, goes to school, etc.  How do you help your kids understand that without scaring them to death?

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  • Ken Collins on

    Awesome blog post! Exactly what is needed during these crazy times!

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