One last chance

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When you think about having one last chance - does your mind associate this with good or bad?  So many things come to mind for me and I want you to share my perspective.  

The first thing that pops into my mind was my one last chance to see my best friend who was in hospice.  It may have been my one last chance to see her on earth, but I remember how time slowed as we laughed and reminisced, and how gorgeous her smile was.  It was one last chance I am so thankful to have been given.  

Or that one last chance we gave our rescue dog, Emmi when she needed a home.  She came to us scared of her own shadow and now is permanently attached to us for snuggles.  She has given us even more than we could have ever have given her.  

What about marriage?  Your “bachelorette” party is your one last chance to go out as a single woman.  But, you get to celebrate your last days of being single before marrying the love of your life.  Seems like a great one last chance! 

I’ve always said - one last chance may be an opportunity of a lifetime!  What if you get fired and find your true calling!  Anything can be a positive if you take a different look.  But most of all, take that chance because you don’t always know if it is your one last chance!  

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