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As I sit in my house watching the world slow down around me, it reminds me of a particular day we spent with my grandmother. It was a cold, wintry day and we were sitting in my grandmother’s living room.  My children were bored, waiting for the time to pass. I just wanted to take in all the smells of my grandmother’s house, remember all the memories of every single holiday in that very room, where my entire family would gather to enjoy a lavish meal together. 

These were the days when my grandmother would take all her fine English china from the cabinet and spoil us all with her delicious cooking. In a flash, I was reminded that today it was just us with her and most days it was only her sitting in that room alone. My son asked my grandmother what she did most days, and she responded that she reads books and sometimes takes naps. 

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  • Rashita on

    That was a beautiful story!!! It definitely puts things in perspective with what’s going on in our world right now. Thank you for sharing

  • Rod & Pat on

    Very nice tribute

  • Chris on

    I Love hearing that story. Their love for each other was great! When I closely eyes I can still hear him call her Ducky! Thanks for sharing.

  • Meghan on

    Beautiful memories and such a sweet and meaningful story so relevant in a way now! But good think for technology and that you can still be in touch rather than truly alone

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