How We Choose the Companies We Work With and Why We Celebrate Them

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We’ve been asked a few times how we pick or find the designers, artisans, and companies that we work with. While there’s no secret sauce, we do have some basic criteria! 

Ginger Threads Collections Blog - Choosing Partners

First, the company or designer must absolutely align with our values when it comes to sustainability - their products are ethically made (fair wages, non-sweatshop-py working conditions, etc), and we do our best to make sure the fabric and material is eco-friendly! There’s still a long way to go, and different levels of horrible for the environment when it comes to fabric, but it’s encouraging to know that more and more designers and companies are mindfully choosing better materials, environmentally speaking.

We ask questions about the production process and what the clothing is made from (if it’s not listed on the description). We also get to the know the designer better, and their values - do they give back or support a particular organization? Is there something special or unique about what they make? Are they more slow fashion oriented and not found in larger department stores or mass markets? Basically we do our research to make sure they’re a good fit for Ginger Threads Collections! 

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