How do you manage the winter blues?

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Winter blues are real - with short days and cold weather we tend to spend a lot of time inside and out of the healing sun.  This winter seems particularly difficult because of the Pandemic.  The limitations have us all staying home much more than normal.  But, with the right layers, getting outdoors doesn’t have to be a freezing experience and can have significant health benefits.  Both of us love the outdoors and this winter, we are making natural sunlight a must!  

Shayna is spending time on the slopes in Tahoe, brushing up on her skills and staying in shape while having a blast!  Bridget started a running program for beginners to add that to my weekly miles and to keep warm outside.  We are both getting out with the dogs to work off some energy.  What do you enjoy doing outside?  Do you need some scientific proof to get you outside?

Vitamin D is often called the “sunshine vitamin” because it is produced in your skin in response to the sunshine.  The best news is that vitamin D has many healing properties.  It’s been known to 1 -  fight disease, 2 -  reduce depression and 3 - support weight loss.  The best way to get vitamin D is the sun!  So, what are you waiting for?  Get outside and get some sun even in the cold!  You will feel so much better!

Say goodbye to the winter blues today!  We can’t wait to welcome warmer weather, but my winter walk this weekend on the coast reminded me that winter is absolutely gorgeous in its own special way.  Throw on some layers and head outside today! 

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