How do you like to accessorize?

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What’s your favorite accessory?  For me it has always been a toss up between necklaces and scarves but since starting Ginger Threads, earrings have moved way up on my list!  I’ve also fallen in love with our summer hat and our bracelets.  Too many choices, but accessories really do make the outfit!  

Let’s talk about scarves.  You can find them in many different colors, fabrics and sizes!  We love larger scarves because of the versatility!  You can wear them around your shoulders, as a coverup, even as a top.  They are a must have for every closet!  We have two favorite brands that we work with for scarves.  Our wool scarves come in light or heavy wool and in various sizes.  They come from a kind woman and impressive based in California located on an almond farm.  The founder is from India and works with her family's factory to source her ethically made scarves while her husband grows almonds.  Fun fact - Ironically, I bought my first scarf in Afghanistan when Shayna and I met!  Two new loves!

I love statement necklaces and they have always been my chosen souvenir when I travel.  We continue to scour the world for necklaces you will love with unique stories.  We’ve found many US artisans as well that have been a huge hit in our boutique.  If you need a necklace I’m confident you will find one you love!  Choose a few different lengths and styles you love and you will always have the perfect necklace for every outfit!

As I mentioned, earrings are new to me!  I always wore the same studs before.  But, with longer hair you never saw them.  I tried some of our Buffalo horn earrings and now I am always wearing big earrings.  Choose a pair or two that you love and see you take a second look in the mirror as you pass by.  

Last but not least, our bracelets have been big hits, especially as gifts.  Whether you fall in love with the Buffalo horn triplet, the recycled copper cuff or one of the many energy stone bracelets, you can’t go wrong!  Many people love a little arm candy, especially in the summer when their arms are out.  

If you love accessories and need something unique check out our collection.  If you are new to accessories, let us help you find your way.  We are always happy to help you navigate.  You can even show us something you are trying to pair and we can provide suggestions.  Let us know how we can help you accessorize.  

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