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Giving Back - How we Chose the Right fit for us!

Starting a business is a lot of things - exciting, overwhelming, stressful, freeing, amazing...the list goes on and on.  For us, one of the most important aspects to starting a new business is making an impact.  You may wonder how clothing and accessories make an impact.  The answer is simple but multi-faceted. 

First, we are committed to sustainable fashion which means we are finding partners who care about the people making their products as well as the impacts to the environment.  We are committed to sharing about this through our blogs and partner spotlights.  Second, we believe by doing the first we are bringing women high quality, timeless clothing and accessories that they can look beautiful in and feel good about.  Last but not least, we knew that we wanted to find a not-for-profit that we believe in to share our success with and help them to do the amazing things they do.  

Giving Back with Ginger Threads Collections


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