From Battle Buddies to Business Partners

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Nearly ten years ago, two thirty-something moms landed in a warzone together unaware that we were destined to be battle buddies - “BBs” - for life. What could have been a stressful few weeks were instead wonderful weeks filled with laughter, friendship and complete chaos.  We were put in Afghanistan as civilians to conduct an audit and get out as quickly as possible. We both entered the assignment with the mindset that we were going to stay positive and embrace the opportunity without knowing what that would really mean at the time. 

At night our beds would jump across the floor from incoming rockets and we had to shake out our sleeping bags to look for cobras. During the day we were climbing fuel trucks, sorting through documentation and finding ways to improve the lives of those deployed there. 

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  • Ken Collins on

    I have known these women for quite some time now and I must say, I have never met anyone who is more driven, caring, and passionate for what they do.

  • Renee Gilman on

    Bridget, I love this!! I never knew you went to a war zone. Was that for DLA?? I wish you all the best. Can’t wait to see your collections. Maybe I can wear some of them. God bless!!!

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