Fearless Women - Launched today!

As many of you know, our story began in Afghanistan, over ten years ago while doing an audit for the Department of Defense. Between being CPAs and our life experiences, we felt a calling  to help lift up other women and...two fearless women was born.   We want all women to be empowered and have the tools to successfully pursue their dreams. We want all women to come out of their own battles standing tall and proudly displaying their "battle wounds", too!  

We’re so excited to say that we launched Fearless Women (www.twofearlesswomen.com) and our very first e-book today to share our knowledge to help women achieve financial security and independence. We know firsthand that it can be hard work and a long road to get the results you want.  The book is a comprehensive plan with detailed, action-oriented steps, and the encouragement and support to keep you going!

We felt this was our calling because we meet women all the time that are stressed about finances.  Most women feel scared and just don't know where to begin.  The resources out there are overwhelming, not in plain language, and expect perfection.  Plus, they are strictly focused on the numbers.  

We began sharing our own stories about divorce and finances and about how we felt frustrated with ourselves because even as accountants, we didn't always know how to be financially free.  And we were afraid how we would survive on just one income alone.

We would hear stories from other women like us who would say, “I don't know how I am going to pay my bills or I need to find a new job to support myself". We thought we were the only ones who felt this way and realized that our professional and personal experiences together could be really helpful to others going through this.

The problem is that most women aim toward perfection… when truthfully… showing yourself grace during divorce (and always, really) is more important than perfection.  So many women were feeling ashamed or embarrassed because they were struggling during divorce or separation… but nobody was talking about it!  

Most of us didn't want to admit that we forgot how to take care of ourselves, or that we may have abandoned some of our dreams to do other things, or even that we are afraid of disappointing others.  

 Even worse was that there weren’t very many resources for newly divorced/single women to tackle their finances without completely turning them upside down and feeling like yet another part of your life has to drastically change.   

This isn’t what someone newly divorced needs…This problem was impacting so many of us! Nearly 40% of marriages end in divorce! Apparently not all fairytales have happy endings. 

You see, so many of us focus on "happily ever after" and forget that if we didn't end up marrying our Prince Charming, life may look different from what we had envisioned when the carriage turns into a pumpkin.

Divorce is common, rarely talked about, and easy to overlook for married women.  But if it does happen, it's an opportunity to make a new life, new memories, and a new future!  So many women get discouraged because of the changes and they've forgetten how important self-love is. 

Often women are told things like "Just relax" and we are here to give you lots of tips on how to relax and love yourself again.  But what most women AREN’T told is that making small changes can lead to big, impactful differences. This begins with your budget and overall mindset. 

So we set out on a mission:  To help as many women that struggle to find financial freedom as possible after divorce and to help them love themselves more than they ever thought possible.  And that’s how Fearless Women was born!

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