Falling out of Love with Fast Fashion

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Have you ever been madly in love with someone, but over time fell out of love?  If you think about that relationship, it probably didn’t happen overnight and it probably wasn’t because of one thing.  Over the course of time, too many disagreements or realizations about who that person was probably made you like them a little less and eventually all added together, they just were not the person you once couldn’t live without.  We have all experienced this and thankfully this helped shape you into the badass beauty that you are today!  

I have a similar tale about falling out of love with fast fashion!  I love clothes and I always liked to dress nice, rarely wearing the same thing twice.  But, a few things happened that changed my mindset.  First, I was running out of closet space and so much of my closet was filled with things I’d only wear rarely or possibly never again.  I would plan to wear one thing and the next morning I tried it on and it just didn’t work.  Maybe it didn’t fit nicely or the color was too much.  I’d stray to something else and that clothes would sit until I sent it away.  It would cause me to run late and start my day stressed!  Second, I was spending a lot of money on lots of clothing I liked but didn’t love because I wasn’t planning to keep it that long.  Third, it was poorly made and often easily ripped or didn’t fit nicely.  Fourth, I started to become more aware of human trafficking and the linkage to fashion.  This was the last straw!  Ironically the things I used to adore about fast fashion are the very things I cannot stand - sound like a relationship?!?

When I reevaluated my love of clothing - I realized I needed a new love.  My new love is finding ethically made fashion and sharing it with the world so that other people can fall out of love with fast fashion, too!  The benefits of my new love are 1-supporting people around the world to make a living wage, 2- having high-quality clothing that I love and that fits well in my closet so getting dressed is easy and enjoyable 3- having versatile pieces that can be worn often, but in many different ways and 4- making a difference in the world!  

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