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Butterfly Kisses - Ginger Threads Collections Weekly Blog

Have you ever lost someone you loved so much that sometimes you felt like you couldn’t breathe because you missed them so much?  Someone that you trusted with your deepest sorrows and your greatest happiness and now you can’t reach out to them when you need them?  This happened to me in what almost seems like a dream that couldn’t be real. 

I still remember the day one of my closest friends texted me to say her cancer came back, had spread and wasn’t curable.  That day I remember thinking she was the strongest person I knew and that the doctors were wrong.  I assured her that she was just beginning to live her life and that she wasn’t going anywhere.  I still have those texts we shared and go back and read them. 



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  • Meghan on

    That is so beautiful and sad! The loss of those we love is so painful but your tribute is so meaningful and heart warming. Thank you for sharing ❤️

  • Rashita Swann on

    This was absolutely a beautiful tribute of her. I bet she’s smiling down at you and super proud of all that you are accomplishing and by keeping her memory alive. I too know this pain and I too have a butterfly bff!!

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