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6 Ways to Recycle your Clothes

Over the past several years, we have discussed so many business ideas knowing that one day one would feel just right and we would launch.  That is exactly what happened when we started discussing the idea that is now Ginger Threads Collections! 

We both love fashion and have never quite conformed to the “norm” as it relates to what we wear and loved buying clothes as we traveled the world.  However, our love of fashion and other cultures was never quite enough to launch a clothing and accessories store.  The part that made this idea so appealing is adding in something we are passionate about - sustainable fashion. 

The definition for sustainable fashion isn’t set in stone, but to us it means finding partners who care about people and the environment the way that we do and trying to make a difference in the fashion industry!  Some take the extreme to sustainable fashion and stop buying anything new.  We know for many, that just isn’t going to happen and that is where our store comes in.

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Sustainable fashion - Ginger Threads Collections

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