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5  Sustainable Fashion Resolutions

As we step into 2021 (yay!), we’d like to put forward some resolutions to make when it comes to sustainable and ethical fashion choices. We know - so many resolutions that get made never come to fruition, or are long-forgotten by February.  Hopefully one of these will speak to you, and is something that won’t be too hard to do, but will make a difference on your ethical fashion journey. So here they are - pick one or try on all 5!

  1. Make one month a “no buy” month for new clothes and accessories. Appreciate what you already have in your closet, and maybe you’ll re-discover something you haven’t worn in a while.
  2. Learn about a couple of the companies/brands that you buy frequently. Do you like to shop at Target? Cool. Research where their clothes are made; can you support their practices? Do they even know or care about who made their products, and if they are paid living wages? Shop a bunch at Banana Republic? How are their clothes produced, and where?? Educate yourself on how they run their companies, and it’ll be easier to make informed decisions on who you want to support in the fashion industry.
  3. Buy something used! There’s so many great vintage finds out there, along with secondhand shops, consignment stores, and the good ‘ol thrift store. And the exciting thing is there’s only one of what you like on the rack, making it unique!
  4. Before buying something new, get rid of one thing in your closet (sorta like an eye for an eye, but not as gruesome!). Bonus points if you find a worthy charity to give your gently used clothes to, such as Dress for Success.
  5. If you’re more hardcore and further down the sustainability path, resolve to only shop ethical in 2021! This is a big one, and could be as difficult a habit to break as giving up sugar, quitting smoking, etc. After all, who doesn’t love a good sale at Macy’s or dress week at Ross?? You’ll probably find yourself buying fewer, better things throughout the year, and supporting companies that take care of their employees and make beautiful clothing!

Wishing you health, happiness, and prosperity in 2021!! 

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