5 Artisans Making A Big Difference

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As a sustainable fashion boutique it is important to us who we partner with.  As a result, we have found some pretty incredible companies who are making a really big difference.  People have become our biggest joy in this business... both our partners and our customers.  We picked just five artisans whose mission’s are all about making a difference to share with you today.   It was hard to choose because all of our artisans are freaking amazing people!

1 - WorldFinds designs create impact in artisan communities. When you purchase WorldFinds you're helping empower women, send girls to school and transform communities. WorldFinds jewelry and accessories create work for over 700 artisans in vulnerable communities in India. These thoughtful designs and sustainable practices bring change to the lives of the artisans, provide a bright future for their children, and strengthen their communities.  They design their accessories and work collaboratively with their amazing artisans halfway around the world.

2 - Rover and Kin proudly contribute to the sustainable development of artisan communities across northern India through fair trade employment. Their artisans enjoy safe and stable working environments while earning wages that are approximately 35% higher than the industry standard. Many are the breadwinners of the family and most are the first generation to have sent their children to school, see them graduate and continue with higher education. 

3 - BoldB designs incredible jewelry and chooses a different partner to donate to for each collection.  For example, the Nacre Collection is made from black sand and freshwater pearls, and was inspired by Australia’s beautiful and diverse aquatic life. Every purchase from this Collection will help protect our precious ocean wildlife, through their partnership with the Australian Marine Conservation Society.

4 - Ethic Goods provides economic empowerment for women rescued from human trafficking, and those at risk of exploitation. They work primarily in South East Asia, and partner with non-profits that provide holistic care (counseling, education, and health care), focus on strengthening the family unit, and  have demonstrated a community centered approach. They also believe business has a role to play in empowering the women they work with.  By coming alongside these magnificent ladies to develop their business skills, they have the opportunity to provide for their families and set their children on a new, hope-filled path.

5 - Artyfactos believes love and social responsibility stand behind every piece of their  jewelry.  They use safe, natural and recycled materials to create unique pieces of jewelry. Orange peel, coffee beans, melon seeds, tagua nut, kidney beans, bombona and acai seeds are combined with natural fiber strings, creating the most beautiful and unexpected pieces of art.  They generate employment for artisans in Latin America, who have no chance to securing employment in the mainstream labor market in their countries, but also source to businesses and support women entrepreneurs in the United States.

As you can see, these brands are making a huge difference in the world one accessory at a time.  Your support of us and of them, helps support that mission and for that we are forever grateful!

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