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How Much Compassion Do You Give Yourself?

When you think about compassion, what comes to mind?  The definition is sympathetic consciousness of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it.  I believe this is one of my strengths and also something that causes me a great deal of pain. But, when it comes to compassion for myself - I really suck!  I am actually one of the first people in line to beat myself up.  I don’t give myself the same grace that I give to others.  This is something I am really trying to work on. 

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Falling out of Love with Fast Fashion

Have you ever been madly in love with someone, but over time fell out of love?  If you think about that relationship, it probably didn’t happen overnight and it probably wasn’t because of one thing.  I have a similar tale about falling out of love with fast fashion! 

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5  Sustainable Fashion Resolutions

As we step into 2021 (yay!), we’d like to put forward some resolutions to make when it comes to sustainable and ethical fashion choices. We know - so many resolutions that get made never come to fruition, or are long-forgotten by February.  Hopefully one of these will speak to you, and is something that won’t be too hard to do, but will make a difference on your ethical fashion journey. So here they are - pick one or try on all 5!

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Holiday Traditions Around the World

I’ve always loved to travel abroad during the holidays.  I generally don’t like to plan much when I travel.  I just choose where I will stay and from there I like to see where the day takes me.  I find this gives me more opportunity to soak in the local culture and enjoy my time instead of rushing from site to site.  My absolute favorite part about traveling is the people and observing their culture, so that is what I focus my experience on. As the holidays approach, it makes me think of how fortunate I’ve been in past years to experience other cultural traditions during my travels and I wanted to share a few cool holiday traditions with you! ...

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6 Tips for Vintage Shopping

Vintage clothing has always had a niche in the fashion world, but it seems to be gaining some serious traction - even the stars are wearing vintage designer gowns on the runway.  For serious vintage fans, part of the attraction is the thrill of the hunt.  Finding that unicorn piece can be exhilarating!  But, you really have to know how to spot “real” vintage vs. new reproductions and also know how much to pay.  Learning to shop for vintage can be so rewarding and of course it’s good for the environment, so we are a million percent in!  What exactly is considered vintage and why should you be adding pieces to your wardrobe?  Vintage is considered items over 20 years...

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