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What is fast fashion?

You’ve probably heard the term fast fashion, but you may not know what it is or why it’s not a positive thing.  Fast fashion is generally low cost clothing mass produced in response to the latest runway trends.  Doesn’t sound so bad?  Let’s explore a little further.  Fast fashion has a negative impact on both people and our planet. 

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How do you like to accessorize?

What’s your favorite accessory?  For me it has always been a toss up between necklaces and scarves but since starting Ginger Threads, earrings have moved way up on my list!  I’ve also fallen in love with our summer hat and our bracelets.  Too many choices, but accessories really do make the outfit!  

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Being a Mom is HARD

Do you ever feel like being a parent is the hardest job in the world?  I am not just talking about the sleepless nights, cleaning up all types of bodily fluids or the many late night projects.  It is the fact that you are raising a human that you want with all of your heart and soul to one day go out into this world and do amazing things.  My son (and oldest child) turns 18 this week!  

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5 Tips to Help You Pack Your Suitcase

Travel bookings have spiked and more people are traveling again!  We thought it would be a great time to share some travel hacks that will help you pack lighter and still have everything you need!  I’ll admit that I used to be a chronic over-packer but no more!  After a few times carrying too much and struggling on public transportation and having to figure out what to wear each day, I have streamlined my packing.  I’ve found it’s much less stressful to take less, but to pack the right things!  Here are five tips to help you pack smarter not more for your next trip.

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Happy Anniversary To Us!

It’s hard to believe this week marks one year since we launched Ginger Threads Collections!  When we envisioned opening a sustainable fashion boutique the Pandemic was not in sight.  We created a logo, built a website and started finding brands to partner with, even attending a huge fashion market in Las Vegas! As the inventory started coming in, the Covid-19 cases around the world started to climb.  The boutique officially launched as planned on March 18, 2020 as the United States went under a stay-at-home order.  It certainly wasn’t ideal, but it was too late to turn back!  

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